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  CASES supports elementary and middle school science teachers who are recent University of Michigan graduates. CASES is funded by the National Science Foundation and supported by a University of Michigan CARAT fellowship. University of Michigan  National Science Foundation 
inquiry-oriented unit plan library
  These science unit plans are aligned with national standards. Each unit plan lasts about 4-8 weeks and contains lesson plans, content information, and explanations of students' likely alternative ideas, in addition to other important features to support your science teaching.
lesson plan library
  These lesson plans are part of the CASES units, but can be used on their own, as well. They are inquiry-oriented and contain information that will help you in your science teaching.
To contact the CASES team, please e-mail cases@umich.edu Copyright 2009 by the CASES research group, University of Michigan. All rights reserved. People
personal online journal
  Previous CASES users can access their old journal entries here.
science teaching resource library
  Here, you can find a variety of science teaching resources including links to cool science sites, information on high quality children's science books, and ideas for extending science learning opportunities outside of the classroom.
images of inquiry
  You can read about how real and fictional teachers teach some of the lessons that are found in the CASES library.
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